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One Call Restoration is not just any restoration company; we’re your partner in restoring stability and safety to your home or business following any damaging event. Specializing in Roof Tarping & Shrink Wrap Services, we take pride in our commitment to easing your restoration process with professionalism, efficiency, and quality services. As a respected roof tarp installation company, we boast exceptional customer satisfaction testimonials as proof of our proficiency.

Restorative processes should start promptly post-damage, diminishing the chances of secondary destruction. Here at One Call Restoration, we know a single day or even several hours could make a radical difference. We stand at the forefront in providing 24/7 emergency roof tarping services, ensuring the safety of your domain following storm damage or other unexpected events. Our staff are experts in navigating such distressing circumstances, demonstrating skill in determining the most efficient means to secure your property and mitigate unnecessary additional damage.

An emergency roof tarp serves as a temporary yet sturdy shield in the event of unexpected predicaments like a tree-fall or storm aftermath. This is why equipping your residence or workplace with an emergency roof tarp post-damage is pivotal. We’re devoted to safeguarding your property diligently in the event of an unexpected catastrophe, which gives you valuable time while you plan for more permanent repair or restoration. One Call Restoration expertly screens the vulnerable mishap sites, meticulously installing durable roof tarps specifically designed to bear heavy winds or pounding downpours of rain.

Bear in mind, our responsibilities stretch beyond durability and all-weather resistance; our adept professionals also assert an emphasis on the installation process. Our roof tarp installation follows an intricate process, ensuring that there are no loose ends that might pave the way for leakages. We firmly adhere to this set-in-stone procedure, regardless of the size or complexity of the task at hand.

In addition to our top-tier roof tarp solutions, we also offer unrivaled shrink wrap roof services. If you’re unfamiliar with this approach, let us explain how it works. Shrinking wrapping refers to the creation of a close-fitting barrier using specially designed plastic wrap that shrinks tightly over or around an object when exposed to heat. Tarping can only protect parts of the roofing system, while shrink wrap roof can offer much more comprehensive coverage. 

EXPERT Roof Tarping & Shrink Wrap SERVICES

In Port St Lucie, FL and Surrounding Counties


Here’s where our versatility sparkles. We introduce the shrink wrap roof technique ideally to areas where regular tarps won’t suffice, handling unconventional sizes or shapes with ease. Recognized for being resilient, watertight, and adaptable, there are no better alternatives for comprehensive, temporary roof coverage than our shrink wrap roof services.

The key to One Call Restoration’s success lies in the foundation of our expertise and our proven commitment to customer satisfaction. You’re not just another entry in our database; you’re a valued customer we’re striving to serve. Our seasoned team navigates you throughout each phase of the restoration process and aids in establishing the best recovery plan for you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience, fully equipped to quickly, accurately, and effectively address and resolve any of your restoration needs.

Combining our prominent roof tarp services and innovative shrink wrap roof technique, we demonstrate how countering the disastrous aftermath of unexpected events doesn’t necessarily bury you knee-deep in anxieties and woes. One Call Restoration is always there in the face of damage, with professionalism and compassion, no matter what. Count on us to pick up the pieces and reinstall stability in your damaged home or business.

If Your Roof Is Damaged, Leaving You In Need Of Roof Tarping & Shrink Wrap Services, Contact The Experts At One Call Restoration

At One Call Restoration, we understand that having a damaged roof can leave homeowners feeling unsettled. Especially if your roof is damaged during a storm, it often creates significant challenges ranging from water damage to potential risks for anyone living under it. In these circumstances, finding a trusted, quick, and effective solution like roof tarping and shrink wrapping becomes essential. One Call Restoration is a recognized expert in giving your compromised roof a necessary remedy with emergency roof tarp and shrink wrap services, offering strong, weather-resistant solutions that create a temporary fix until repairs can be made.

Our emergency roof tarp services provide urgent protection for your home when you need it, providing heavy-duty, durable tarps to cover the impacted area. By tarping your roof, we assist in preventing further damage from external elements like rain, hail, or wind, preserving your property’s structural integrity until additional repairs can take place. We understand that emergencies do not wait, which is why our team is ready to swiftly and accurately execute the roof tarp installation.

The process of roof tarp installation can be hazardous given the fact that it involves working from great heights. However, our skilled and experienced roof tarping services team follows strict safety measures during the installation process. Our team prioritizes effectively covering any holes or severely damaged areas, ensuring the tarp is anchored correctly to withstand any upcoming weather events. We go to great lengths to ensure that your home receives the unparalleled protection that the One Call Restoration service guarantees.


In addition to our roof tarp services, we are experienced at providing shrink wrap roof solutions to our valued customers. Shrink wrap provides another level of protection that cannot be matched by a tarp alone. When applied by our experts, it fully encloses the damaged portion of the roof, blocking debris and moisture that could potentially creep in and cause additional damage. A shrink wrap roof creates a tough, sealed layer over the damaged area, providing long-lasting protection even under harsh weather conditions. 

Besides being a top-rated emergency roof tarping service, our shrink wrap solutions stand out due to their durability, versatility, and effective water resistant characteristics. Shrink wrapping is an excellent choice when dealing with damages of varying shapes and sizes which may not be adequately covered by a tarp. Each shrink wrap application is customized, with our experts tailoring every project to its unique requirements.

You can rely on One Call Restoration to provide premier roof tarp installation and shrink wrap roof services when you need them most. We operate with a sense of urgency and efficiency, coordinating closely with clients to keep them updated every step of the way during the roof damage mitigation process. Reach out to our team today, and let us help secure your home’s future when catastrophe strikes.