Water Damage Restoration, Servicing The Fort Pierce, FL, Area

One Call Restoration is your one-stop solution to all of your water damage restoration needs. Located near Fort Pierce, Florida, we are available around the clock providing professional and comprehensive water damage services, focused on water damage restoration and remediation. With an experienced team and a history of unparalleled customer service, we stand strong as a beacon of hope in a time of crisis. 


Fast Water Damage Restoration When You Need It- 24/7/365

Has your residential or commercial property been affected by water damage? Let One Call Restoration handle your restoration needs. We understand that as a homeowner or business owner, devastating water damage can put your life on hold. So we act swiftly, ensuring we restore not just your property, but also your peace of mind. 

We follow a systematic approach ensuring that we fully and promptly restore properties that have experienced any level of water damage. Presenting an efficient and comprehensive service, we remove excess water, dry out the area, dehumidify, sanitize, and finally, restore the property to its pre-damaged condition. We offer quick response times and 24/7 services because we understand that water damage can happen anytime, and quick action minimizes further damage.


The Best Water Damage Restoration Service Company Near Fort Pierce, FL

One Call Restoration stands out as the leading water damage restoration service company operating near Fort Pierce, Florida. We are well equipped with up-to-date equipment and skilled technicians to get the job done right! We are masters of dealing with all sorts of water damage, ranging from minor leaks to major floods. We work hard to restore your property and belongings back to their original states (and perhaps even better), so that you can regain your peace of mind. Our reputation has been dramatically enhanced in Fort Pierce due to our attention to detail in every restoration job we handle, along with our impeccable customer service.


Water Removal

As part of the water damage restoration process, water removal is one of the first steps that we take during the process. Our professionals proficiently and promptly remove standing water using advanced equipment like truck-mounted vacuum units and submersible pumps. Our services go beyond water removal. We proceed with drying the affected area, performing moisture and humidity checks then performing sanitizing treatments to prevent any potential microbial growth in order to leave the place clean and safe.


Mold Removal After Water Damage

A potential problem after water damage occurrences is the growth of molds. Our company, One Call Restoration, provides meticulous mold removal services following a water damage event. We identify the water-damaged areas that are susceptible to mold growth and use effective mold removal techniques to eradicate this nuisance. 

Our crew is intensively trained, and they always comply with the highest industry standard procedures along with using superior mold remediation tools designed to remove molds completely and defend your properties against further mold growth.


Expert Water Damage Cleanup Near Fort Pierce, FL

At One Call Restoration, we specialize in comprehensive water damage cleanup. After a quick response and water removal process, our team will professionally clean and dehumidify the area, using special fans and dehumidifiers. We make every effort to restore all of your property that has been affected by water damage to minimize your losses, saving you money in the long run. In addition, we use air scrubbers and fogging equipment for sanitizing purposes to guarantee a safe and healthy environment after the water damage cleanup process is complete.


Thorough Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair is an all-encompassing process that we complete for every client. It is our goal to eliminate the disruption our customers experience from water damage, making the process as stress-free and rapid as possible for them.

What Is Professional Water Damage Restoration And Why Do You Need It After Water Damage?

When faced with a disaster caused by water damage, which can result from floods, leaks, or plumbing issues, professional water damage restoration is the best course of action a property owner can take. At One Call Restoration, we firmly believe that it’s not just about tackling the visible damage, but about addressing all potential issues that could jeopardize the health and safety of your living or workspace. 

Water damage restoration involves a multi-step procedure aimed at correcting the destruction caused by indoor water damage. It focuses on water removal, drying up the affected areas, sanitizing the area, and returning the property to its former luster. Similar to peeling off layers of an onion, water damage restoration eliminates and minimizes the destructive consequences of water damage in a logical and systematic way. 

The question we encounter frequently is: Why can’t homeowners deal with water damage on their own? Imagine having the task of not only drying out wet furniture, floors, and walls but locating hidden damage, removing contaminants, and handling microbial growth. Professional water damage restoration demands skilled workers, advanced equipment, and a deep comprehension of various water damage scenarios. 

At One Call Restoration, we handle this process with meticulous attention to detail. Initially, we detect and stop the water at its source to prevent further damage. With state-of-art technology, our well-equipped professionals remove the excess water and proceed with a thorough drying process to prevent the accumulation of excess moisture and humidity that can add to the damage. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew – two common side effects of water damage. Once the cleanup process is complete, our team sanitizes and dehumidifies the area to restore the clean and healthy living environment in your home.

Utilizing the service of highly-trained experts such as One Call Restoration following water damage significantly reduces the risk of secondary damage and expensive costs. What seems like a mere puddle of water on the surface could be the tip of an iceberg of hidden problems. Stubborn stains, wall deterioration, rotted flooring, compromised structural foundation – our professional assistance eliminates the risk of these types of continuous damage while saving you valuable time and money. 

Furthermore, quick and expert intervention also deters the growth of harmful bacteria and molds that can be hazardous to health. We at One Call Restoration place a high value on the well-being of our valued customers and prioritize creating a safe and healthy environment after water damage.

Ignoring or personally handling water damage restoration can lead to extensive property loss and health risks. Hiring professional water damage restoration service providers like One Call Restoration ensures that the issue is competently managed right from the onset of the damage through to the final outcome. This complete restoration process restores not only the physical state of your property, but your personal health, well-being, and comfort.

If You Have Experienced Water Damage Near Fort Pierce, FL, One Call Restoration Is Ready To Assist You With Water Restoration 24/7/365. Reach Out To Us Today

When you’re faced with water damage in your property, you need to take action as soon as possible. Unfortunately, water disasters don’t keep regular hours, therefore not just any water damage restoration company is up to the task. If you find yourself in the Fort Pierce, FL area and need a water damage restoration service company, you’ve found the best – One Call Restoration.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Services

One Call Restoration specializes in water damage restoration services, on-call 24/7/365 to come to your rescue whenever water damage or other related issues strike. Every minute matters when your property is at risk, and immediate response reduces the damage, cleaning, and restoration costs. Since we realize the importance of this, our skilled team is always prepared, equipped with top-tier tools, and able to alleviate the water damage, mold, fire damage, large loss, and other challenging situations.

Our damage control process is effective and streamlined. It starts with a thorough inspection of the damaged site, followed by corrective action to prevent additional harm. Rest assured, no matter what time it is, our team will be on-site promptly to start the restoration process.

A Great Experience for Our Valued Restoration Customers

Though our team is proud of our excellent restoration services, we strive to bring more to our customers. One Call Restoration is committed to providing the best customer service possible during the course of providing these services. We understand that property damage situations are extremely stressful to deal with and the last thing you need is a restoration company that is not sympathetic to your needs. This is why we aim to provide only the best  experience for residents of Fort Pierce, FL, and the surrounding area.

We keep a very informative, communicative, and approachable attitude towards all our interactions with customers- from the initial response to the final checkups after restoration. We aim to make a potentially troubling situation as hassle-free for you as possible. Our glowing customer reviews speak volumes about their positive experience and level of satisfaction with our services and customer care.

A Dedicated Team With Over 15 Years Of Industry Experience

The One Call Restoration team brings over 15 years of industry experience to the table. These are not just years recorded on paper. These are years filled with rigorous training, learning, and on-the-ground experience dealing with a wide range of issues that homeowners and commercial businesses face. We use every ounce of experience we have gained to perfect our restoration service process and provide customized solutions to any and every water damage problem we face.


Apart from our extensive industry experience, another mark of distinction is One Call Restoration’s IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certification. It serves as official recognition of our commitment to high standards of professionalism, and fair business practices.  

When disaster hits home, you want the best on the job to recover and repair, and with One Call Restoration at your service, you don’t have to look any further. Reach out to us now if you are near Fort Pierce, FL or the surrounding area and let us restore your property as swiftly as possible. Give us a call today- the best water damage restoration services are only one call away!

About The City Of Fort Pierce, FL

Fort Pierce, FL is a city that embodies the delightful blend of history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture. Known as the “Sunrise City,” Fort Pierce is part of the Treasure Coast, a hub located on the eastern coastline of Florida. With a population of approximately 45,000 people, it captures the authentic feel of a relaxed, old-Florida lifestyle, without sacrificing a thriving culture and entertainment scene.

Often recognized for its historical significance, Fort Pierce is home to the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, which presents visitors with fascinating exhibits dedicated to honoring the history of Naval Special Warfare. The A.E. Backus Museum gives a vivid display of the iconic Florida landscape through the works of the famous Florida artist A.E. Backus while sharing offerings from varying contemporary artists.

Fort Pierce shines not only in history and culture but in natural wonders as well. Its beautiful beaches such as Pepper Park Beachside are appreciated by locals and visitors alike, presenting mesmerizing views of the Atlantic Ocean. High on the local nature-lovers’ charts is the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, where pursuits like surfing, bird-watching, and camping are available.

For downtown enthusiasts, Downtown Fort Pierce offers a combination of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Each Saturday, the Fort Pierce Farmers Market brings local produce, crafts, food, and live music to the waterfront area, attracting locals and tourists alike.

An array of restaurants are scattered across the city, offering authentic, locally-sourced seafood, often accompanied by a delightfully laid-back atmosphere. Fort Pierce’s distinct merge of the past with the present also extends to its architecture, with structures dating back to the 1920s nestled amidst modern installations. A combination of escapism and charm, Fort Pierce carries a persona that invites visitors to relax and explore the cityscape´s quietly bright atmosphere.

Relaxed old-Florida lifestyle, rich history, natural beauty, and a vibrant cultural scene make Fort Pierce a distinctive and enjoyable destination located in the heart of the Treasure Coast. It has preserved its authenticity in the wake of modern growth, a rare find in today’s world.