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One Call Restoration - Your Ultimate Water Damage Restoration Company in Port St Lucie, FL

At One Call Restoration, we are first and foremost a professional water damage restoration service company located near Port St. Lucie, Florida. Our story began with a commitment and dedication to extend a helping hand to residents and businesses affected by water and moisture damage, ensuring we restore order efficiently and quickly. Specializing and excelling in every area of water damage restoration, from water removal to mold removal and full-service water damage cleanup and water damage repair, our mission is to deliver exceptional services built on dependability, promptness, precision, and commitment to our customers’ absolute satisfaction. 

A Reliable Water Damage Restoration Service Provider

As your local water damage restoration company in Port St. Lucie, FL, we stand at the forefront in providing top-notch water damage restoration. Your property, whether residential or commercial, can sustain severe water damage from various sources such as broken pipes, leaks, floods, storms, or even hurricanes. Our experienced and certified team conducts a transparent investigation and assessment, ensuring the underlying causes are determined and promptly attended to for full-scale restoration. 

Water Removal

Accumulated water comes with serious consequences if not swiftly addressed. In challenging circumstances where effective water removal is necessary, you can count on us. Using industry-leading and technologically advanced equipment, we not just extract the visible stagnant water but also detect hidden moisture and make sure it is eliminated.

Water Damage Restoration Services For Any Scope Of Water Damage

Our water damage restoration services are tailored to any area that has suffered water damage. Our approach involves a comprehensive step-by-step process. During our first consultation, we build trust with our customers, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in us and the service we are providing. We use the most advanced emergency response methods to immediately control and tackle present and future threats. Our technicians come up with a comprehensive recovery plan and use advanced tools to eliminate the water and damage caused by it. 

Removal Of Mold After Water Damage

Moisture accumulating in your property can lead to mold growth, which damages your property’s aesthetics and poses a health risk to its occupants. Our certified and experienced mold removal specialists determine the mold’s source, control its spread, remove it efficiently using safe techniques, and apply preventive measures. At One Call Restoration, your safety and health are our highest priority, so we take every precaution.

Water Damage Cleanup

Prompt and effective water damage cleanup reduces the chances of further damage that can be disruptive to your every day routine. At One Call Restoration, our water damage cleanup services are prompt and detailed to ensure your property is restored to its original state. Our professionals utilize high-tech equipment to dry out, dehumidify, sanitize, deodorize, and restore your property. 

Water Damage Repair

While some view water damage as a simple cleanup task, we beg to differ. We consider damage cleanup and water damage repair as two sides of the same coin. Apart from the standard restorative process, our dedicated crew focuses on diligent assessments to identify damages and potential issues. We fix each problem meticulously, bring back the appeal and functionality of your spaces, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in your fresh and renewed space.

Here at One Call Restoration, we give you support and unity in times of need. With our years of hands-on experience and practiced skills in water damage restoration, our team promises to ease your stress. Trust us with your property, and we will nurture and restore it back to its original glory.

Does Water Damage Cause Mold Growth In Port St Lucie, FL?

Water damage is indisputably one of the major contributing factors to mold growth, and this is an issue we frequently encounter in Port St. Lucie, FL. As a leading water damage restoration company, One Call Restoration has extensive experience with both water damage and post-damage issues such as mold, and we’ve seen firsthand how one interacts with the other.

To understand the connection, it’s important to know that mold grows best in damp or wet conditions. This is due to the fact that mold spores, which are present everywhere in the environment, require moisture to grow and thrive. If your property is subjected to water damage from flooding, leaky pipes, or even high humidity, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.

In a sunny and humid place like Port St. Lucie, homeowners are already wrestling with Florida’s naturally high humidity levels. These factors can introduce moisture into the home and even modest water-related issues can escalate quickly. Since it typically takes between 24 to 48 hours for moisture to initiate mold growth, an untreated water leak can cause extensive mold issues in just a few days. Conditions of persistent moisture can result in widespread mold growth in a surprisingly short amount of time.

It’s important to be  aware of how the connection between water damage and mold might present itself in a Floridian home. Is there a mysterious musty smell in your home? Are your allergies worse than usual? Are dehumidifiers failing to address the humidity in your home? Each of these signs can indicate mold growth which can not only damage your property, but also threaten your health.

Many individuals are sensitive to mold and experience symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, or skin irritation when they are exposed to it. Some individuals, particularly those with compromised immune systems or with chronic lung illnesses, can suffer from severe reactions and even dangerous infections.

At One Call Restoration, we not only restore properties that have suffered from water damage, but also address the reduced property value, potential health issues, and structural safety concerns that may come about as a result of mold growth. Utilizing industry best practices along with state-of-the-art equipment, our team works to remove all signs of mold and inhibit future growth. 

We know that mold remediation is only part of the answer. By also addressing the underlying water damage, we’re able to provide a long-term solution and help protect property owners against future mold problems. This may involve removing water-damaged materials, drying out the area, dehumidifying the space, or addressing the source of the leak or water damage, such as failing pipes.

It’s absolutely true that water damage can lead to mold growth, especially in Port St. Lucie, FL, where humidity levels are high. The experts at One Call Restoration are equipped to handle both water damage and water damage related mold growth thoroughly, preventing further complications. Reach out to us as soon as you notice signs of water damage to stop the significant threat of mold growth in its tracks.

Are You In Need Of Professional Water Damage Restoration? The Experts At One Call Restoration Have Your Back! Call Us Today

When searching for a top-notch water damage restoration service company near Port St Lucie, FL, One Call Restoration is the one to call. We not only represent quality, efficiency, and reliability, but we never fall short on upholding and delivering unparalleled water restoration services. We are proud to stand out in the industry, serving as a lifeline to businesses and homeowners who have been victims of water damage accidents. A loss from water damage is often debilitating; we understand the level of devastation it brings, affecting daily activities and ultimately making work impossible. At One Call Restoration, we are committed to helping you get back to normal.

Water Damage Service Provided 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Emergencies have no respect for time, and as such, they spring up when least expected, consequently disrupting your life’s activities. What sets us apart at One Call Restoration is that our team is always ready to help, and with us, you can rest assured our service is available every second, minute, hour, all 365 days in a year. 

Regardless of the reason, which could include flooding from a rainstorm, ruptured pipes, or roof leaks, our emergency water damage services are available to prevent further damage. A rapid response is imperative in these situations, and we respond urgently 24/7 to mitigate damage, begin water damage cleanup, and restore your property to its original state ASAP.

We Are Committed To Providing Our Valued Restoration Customers With The Best Possible Experience

Customer satisfaction is one of the core values we live by at One Call Restoration. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned that the success of our company relies heavily on our ability to build and maintain strong relationships with customers.

To do this, we ensure we provide a stress-free, responsive, exceptional, and comprehensively detailed restoration process tailored to our customers’ needs. Our exceptional  customer service, clear communication, and transparency create a seamless and rewarding experience for our valued customers.

We Offer Many Restoration Services

Water damage restoration is far from being the only service we offer. At One Call Restoration, providing diverse solutions to all restoration problems is one of our areas of expertise. Our broad range of services includes mold removal, fire damage restoration, and even large loss commercial restoration.

Bringing Over 15 Years Of Industry Experience To The Table

Backed by a wealth of industry experience accumulated for over 15 years, our expertise in delivering outstanding water damage restoration services is undoubtedly the best in the industry. After years of hands-on experience and learning, we’ve perfected the art of returning water damaged areas to their pre-damage conditions. 

Our professional water restoration team isn’t just experienced but equally skilled, passionate, equipped, and detail-oriented, and energetic, bringing a blend of effectiveness, speed, and success to every water damage service we provide to Port St Lucie, and the surrounding area.


We adhere strictly to field standards, as we follow the guidelines set out by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). As an IICRC-certified firm, we provide services without compromising professional, ethical, and technical demands. 

When it comes to selecting the best water damage restoration service company near Port St Lucie, FL, One Call Restoration checks all the boxes. Our commitment to delivering excellent water damage service coupled with our comprehensive offerings, industry experience, and reputable certifications marks us as your go-to company. Contact us today, One Call Restoration, because one call does truly restore it all.

About The City Of Port St Lucie, FL

Port St. Lucie, a burgeoning city located in St. Lucie County, Florida, is recognized as one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States. This radiant city is primarily known for its lovely residential areas, pleasant climate, and extensive recreational activities.

Situated in south-central Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast, Port St. Lucie is truly a gem in the Sunshine State, with a lot to offer both residents and tourists. With its space sprawling over 120 square miles, the city is home to an estimated population of over 200,000, offering a harmonious blend of a small-town vibe and large-city amenities.

The city’s strength lies in an array of world-class facilities and stunning natural options. Port St. Lucie is dotted with impeccable golf courses, most notably the PGA golf course. With extensive green landscapes and rich wildlife, it also promotes enjoyable, adventurous hiking and biking trails. Nature lovers can appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Hutchinson Island beaches nearby.

Included among Port St. Lucie’s highlights are thoughtful planned neighborhoods, public and private schools, and medical institutions known for their exceptional care. A notable place is the New York Mets Spring Training facility, Clover Park, which attracts baseball aficionados throughout the year. Plus, the city’s strategic location offers quick access to neighboring destinations such as Orlando and Miami. 

The residents of Port St. Lucie are culturally diverse, fostering a community-rich environment offering an added edge to its community events. In summary, Port. St. Lucie is not only an invigorating destination to visit but also a wonderful and warm hometown for those seeking a quiet yet stimulating place to live in the heart of Florida.